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I am running for State Representative of Indiana’s 77th District because working people in Evansville need a champion in our state capitol.

As a deputy prosecutor, I’ve fought for many of our most vulnerable victims and as a State Representative I’ll go to Indianapolis to fight for the people of Evansville. Evansville has many exciting projects on the horizon and we will need a leader in the Indiana General Assembly to usher those projects home.

I have called Evansville my home for my entire life and it is an honor to run for State Representative in the same district where I attended school. I want our schools to be even better than when I attended. As new development and jobs come to Evansville, I want our workers to earn a fair wage so that they can focus on their families instead of their bills. I believe that too often politics interferes with good policies. I promise to go to Indianapolis eager to work with anyone, regardless of party, who wants a better Indiana.

We need a leader that is focused on bringing good jobs to Evansville that pay a living wage. We need a leader who is ready to fight for expanding resources to fix our crumbling infrastructure. The legislature needs a leader in statewide education reform in order to better our schools, protect our teachers, and prepare our children for a bright future. We need a leader who is ready to send a message to the world that Indiana is open for business. I will be that leader.

I look forward to working with you for a better Indiana.

I hope you’ll join our campaign.


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